Biblical Counseling

Life is not easy sometimes. We all need someone to talk to that will listen about what we are dealing with.

At Circle City Relief we have conversations with people experiencing difficulties. We aim to help people look at their circumstance or situations from a biblical perspective rather than their own personal ones.

We help people with surface issues like homelessness or poverty but biblical counseling is deeper than that as the deeper issues of life are not issues of pain and suffering but the issue of worship. What rules our hearts and minds? Because what rules the heart will control the way we respond to both suffering and blessing.

We counsel people experiencing:
Depression, Worry, Anxiety, Fear, Anger, Bitterness, Resentment, Abuse, Addiction, Sexuality, Marriage and more.

You talk… We listen and guide conversation
God provides Help and Hope ​(Relief)


Why budgeting? Over the years we have talked with many individuals and families and a common theme is how difficult it is to live on a lower income.

At Circle City Relief we believe whether you make a little money or a lot of money you can create a budget and utilize other means to supplement your income to live as stress free of finances as possible.

We guide you through the Ron Blue Institutes Four H’s of Financial Wisdom to help simplify the often difficult money conversation and understand what the Bible says about money habits.

Heart – Health – Habits – Hope


Relief Service members that have completed 90 days of Biblical Counseling and Budgeting are able to apply for financial assistance or benevolence at that time. However, it is our hope that by then the relief service member has made changes in their spending and has already positioned themselves to no longer be in need at that time.

For anyone that wants to request benevolence but is not a relief service member, counseling and budgeting is a prerequisite for that. If you’re in immediate need, let us know and we can direct you to resources that may be able to help.

If interested in relief services, please contact us and we can set up an assessment meeting.

Thanks for your interest in Relief Services

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