Circle City Relief settled in the 34th and Meridian community in January of 2010 and has served on the School 60 parking lot every Sunday afternoon since then. We serve approximately 150 people every week with 160 or more rescued Little Caesars Pizzas and over 100 cups of soup. We also provide countless bread, pastry, produce, and clothing items. CCR has served over 624,000 slices of pizza and over 2.4 Million food items over a ten year period.

We connect people to emergency housing, transitional housing, long-term housing, counseling, addiction recovery, detox programs and ultimately to a relationship with Jesus Christ as he is the answer to everything. We live out Matthew 25 where Jesus says, “whenever you did one of these things to those who are overlooked and ignored, the least of these brothers of mine, that was me you did it to me”.

​CCR initially started because of a couple of short-term mission trips Matt and Sandy took to New York with New York City Relief in 2009. Since that start Circle City Relief began a set of services called Relief Services in June of 2019 in an effort to help our friends no longer need the help of organizations or agencies to get by from one day to the next. 

Along the way we have had the privilege of serving alongside thousands of volunteers with like minds and hearts that just want to make a difference in the lives of others. Thanks to Grace Church, Northview Church, Cross Roads Church, ITown Church, New Circle Church, and others for your continued partnerships. We would not be able to do what we do without you. 

A special thanks to our team for directing and guiding Circle City Relief in the direction that God would have it to go.


CCR is more than Sunday outreach. There’s a lot that happens during the week that goes unseen. Some wonder what Circle City Relief all about? CCR provides food in the form of rescued pizza, donated soup, donated bread and pastry items, and purchased produce on Sundays to people that come out from the surrounding 34th and Meridian community that need it to get by for the day or weekend but what happens during the week? The engagement. The relationships. The deep conversations. What does that lead to? There’s nothing more precious than getting to know someone. We can’t possibly help anyone unless we know them, who they are, what they’re going though, what they’ve done about it, what they need, what they’re thinking, who or what they rely on, where’s their hope, what’s their plan, what drives them, where’s God in all of this, how we can help?

Contact Us

Home-Base and Office

3421 N Park Ave, Indianapolis, IN 46205

Sunday morning serving 9:45 – 12:15

Serving Site

3300 N Pennsylvania St, Indianapolis, IN 46205

Circle City Relief serves in the School 60 parking lot at 3300 Pennsylvania directly across from Shortridge H.S.
Sunday ​12:30 to 2pm

CCR Board Members

Matt Gay

Executive Director / Co-Founder

Sandy Gay


Nigel Riggins


Jenn Wiard


Leila Austin


Dave Bunting


Matt MacDougall


Seth Hamilton


Matthew Likens


(If you are interested in board membership contact us at circlecityrelief@yahoo.com)